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Tammy Dubuque, CYW



Tammy grew up in Wallaceburg and still resides there today. 

In 1993, Tammy enrolled in the Child and Youth Worker Program at Lambton College, graduating in 1996.


As a CYW, Tammy has worked in a variety of different settings such as a homeless shelter, in home support, and tutor. Tammy was contracted through the Lambton Kent District School Board for 19 years, working in a variety of different local schools. Tammy has worked with a number of different children and youth over the years.  She has developed programming that takes into account a child's behavioural needs, social needs and cognitive needs.


In 2018, Tammy was hired permanently as an Educational Assistant with the Lambton Kent District School Board.   


Her passion has always been working with children and youth. Her Mom always said,"it was what she was meant to do"!




Violence Prevention Training

ADHD Training

Cyber Security and the Protection of Privacy

Austin Course.

We offer in-person, telephone, and virtual therapy appointments. 
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