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If your child has fallen behind in school work or needs some additional assistance understanding a certain subject, P.A.C.E. Inc offers knowledgeable Tutors who can assist them in catching up on their work.

Tutoring Rates:



1/2 Hour - $25.00

Hourly - $45.00

Small Group Sessions (2 or 3 Students)

1/2 Hour - $30.00

Hourly - $55.00


Tablet Learning


Selecting The Right Tutor For You


To select the right tutor, we will first schedule an in-person meeting, tele-conference or virtual meeting that allows us to learn about your child's academic needs, goals and interests.


Based on the information provided to us, we match your unique request with a qualified tutor who has the subject matter knowledge and the right personality to work effectively with your child.


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