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Counselling Services

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We have a team of highly skilled Counsellors that will work with you on conscious processes and thoughts. The main focus of counselling is on the "here and now".  Counselling usually addresses one particular difficulty which is
caused by current circumstances.  Our counsellors will help you with a problem triggered by external circumstances.

Fees for Counselling Services

P.A.C.E. Inc takes pride in being able to serve all individuals with their mental health needs.  For this reason, we offer to see a limited amount of PRO-BONO clients each year.  Ask our intake person if you could qualify for this service.

Session Fees:

  • A 50 minute session ranges in cost from $50 to $100.

  • Fees for your session are based on complexity or service required and the number of individuals taking part in the session. Example: Individual, Couple or Family.

  • Counselling can be done in-person, virtually or by telephone.

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